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 V. 3.14.1 - 2023-12-12  

Input style alignment – all inputs have outlined design.  

Auto-booking is active for seats and not specific to the assigned users.  


V. 3.14.0 - 2023-11-23  

Push Notification for check-in reminders was implemented. Once the users have subscribed to push notifications they will receive check-in reminder notifications from Access-a-Seat.   


Vehicle Registration Plate: Admin and editor can restrict parking booking on certain floors by making mandatory vehicle registration plates. Users can fill in their car registration plate under the My Profile section.  


V. 3.13.1 - 2023-11-02  

Parking time correlation (if link Desk to Parking booking is checked).


Parking restrictions were lowered in relation to desk booking, users must have at least a desk booking on the same day as the parking booking.  


V. 3.13.0 - 2023-10-03  

Booking usability improvement: for same day bookings hours will align with the current time. Time zone update: US time zones added in the building time zone list.  


V. 3.12.0 - 2023-09-13  

Find a colleague in the office. Users are now able to search for a colleague and see their bookings so they can book a seat next to them. Admins can choose to activate the option or not from the Setup menu: “Show Booked Employee Name”.  


Optional Check-In procedure. Admins can choose to have the check-in procedure active or not. Setup -> Booking without check-in.  


Schedulers optimisation. Cron jobs simplified and schedulers page no longer visible within the Setup menu.  


V. 3.11.0 - 2023-08-10  

Improved process for deleting floors and buildings with confirmation messages. Floors and buildings can now be easily deleted while seats and bookings don’t have to be deleted manually.  


Groups. Section: Create and manage groups of employees. An employee can be assigned to multiple groups and groups can be managed by the roles of managers, editors and admins.  


My Profile represents a dedicated user section where the employees can manage and see:  


  • User details (including app role)  

  • Phone number  

  • Vehicle Registration Plate (added with the 3.14.0 version)  

  • E-mail notifications settings  


Displaying the list of groups assigned to a floor area. Groups and floor areas updates improvements. Confirmation messages when deleting bookings. Resources page redesign.  


Bulk seat editing. While in edit mode, multiple seats can be selected while pressing & holding the Shift key. Then following edits can be made for all seats selected:  


  • Deleting  

  • Removal from active or upcoming temporary lock  

  • Assigning attributes  

  • Changing status  

  • Moving  


E-mail templates for booking. Admins can customise the booking e-mail message from Setup -> Templates page. Assigning groups of employees to areas from the Employees menu and from the Resources menu.  


Auto-booking failed notification: user will be notified by e-mail when auto-booking has failed due to temporary locks done on their assigned seat.  


Temporary Lock improvement. Displaying list of seats affected by the temporary lock in edit screen.  

V. 3.10.0 - 2023-04-19  

Floor Areas: possibility to define and maintain floor areas. Floor areas are defined as a collection of desks or paring places. Areas can be created from the Resources menu.  


Custom booking options for floors and areas. The following booking options can be customised at floor and/or floor area:  


  • Opening hours  

  • Check-in: start and end delay  

  • Booking in advance interval  

  • Maximum bulk booking interval  


Floor Plan Edit Mode: differentiate between edit mode and booking mode on floor plans. Default is booking mode, option available only for editors and admins.  


Booking smaller time increments: option to create booking for a more granular time intervals (previously granularity was at hour level now we use minutes). With this we also added a new Application Configuration option that defines the minimum booking interval.  


Improvements to deleting Place Attributes and Place Attributes Categories  


V. 3.9.1 - 03-03-2023  

Block seats and Parking Enable editors and admin to block a custom selection of seats or parking for a defined period.  


Extend and improve floor plan functionality  

  • Option to select multiple seats and apply bulk actions to selection (e.g. block seat)  

  • Different layout for normal users so actionable seats/parking: highlight hot desks and assigns places  


V. 3.8.0 - 30-01-2023  

Hide booking username and seat assignment for normal application users (without Editor or Admin role) This feature can be tuned on or off from Setup -> App configuration. By default, the feature is tuned on.  


Enable managers to see only their own employee's data in Booking Report page This feature can be tuned on or off from Setup -> App configuration. By default, the feature is tuned on. 

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