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Behind the scenes at Access-a-Seat: Interview with Larisa Cozma, Project Manager

The behind-the-scenes perspectives are a deep dive into the intricacies of product development and client-centric strategies with professionals from the Access-a-Seat team who are deeply immersed in the software field.

Our interviewee, Larisa Cozma, shares the importance of user feedback as a cornerstone for product evolution, highlighting a commitment to security standards and an agile approach to adapting to dynamic market needs.


How did you measure the success after the Access-a-Seat launch?

Since its inception, we have been measuring the success of Access-a-Seat by tracking the implementation of the initial features. Continuous feedback from our users has been crucial in determining the success of the product and has helped guide its ongoing development. This iterative process is focused on addressing the needs of both our customers and our company, ensuring that the product evolves in a mutually beneficial way.

How did you ensure the app met the required security standards?

We work closely and consistently with our security colleagues, prioritising security as a crucial factor before initiating the development of any new feature. Ensuring full compliance with security standards is of the utmost importance to us and our clients.

How was user feedback collected and incorporated into the development process?

We work closely with our clients, paying attention to their needs and consistently seeking their feedback. This approach guarantees that our deliverables are not only beneficial but also easy to use. The feedback we receive has resulted in a range of ongoing improvements and the addition of new features.

What were the most valuable lessons learned from managing this project?

The landscape of products operates within a continuous and ever-evolving market, reflecting the fluid nature of life itself. The most important lesson one can learn is to embrace flexibility, adapt to changes, seek opportunities amidst challenges, and avoid succumbing to rigidity. Another important aspect that I want to mention, this product has a valuable development team behind it, and I thank each one individually for their shared professionalism.

We’re glad to see Larisa’s continuous growth by embracing flexibility, security integration, and an agile mindset that not only shapes her professional endeavors but also sets a benchmark for industry innovation. We extend our gratitude for sharing such perspectives, leaving us inspired by the dedication to excellence and a commitment to evolving with the ever-changing landscape of technology.

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