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How to Streamline Hybrid Work with Access-a-Seat

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The traditional office has been replaced with a dynamic fusion between remote and in-person work. The new concept implemented over three years ago represents a step up and an innovative way to adapt and thrive as an employer and employee in the new office era.

Streamlined Hyrbid Work Transition For the Office

In this article, we’ll explore how leaders can streamline the hybrid work experience with desk booking apps such as Access-a-Seat while still being employee-centric, but also cost-effective in the workspace.

Improve office space utilisation

One of the key challenges in hybrid work is efficiently utilising the office space, by offering employees access to available workstations or parking spots as well as a clear understanding of the booking process. Access-a-Seat allows employees to reserve a desired desk or parking spot in advance, ensuring effective usage of the workspace. The booking process not only reduces overcrowding in certain office areas but offers a sense of order and predictability for employees returning to the office, even if it is only for a few days per week.

Enhancing flexibility and productivity

One of the main reasons hybrid work has been implemented and grown in popularity for the past few years is because it provides employees with the flexibility to choose where they would be most productive. With Access-a-Seat employees can choose and book a desk by the window, with a view, or by the AC, eliminating the hassle of searching for an open spot while being in the office. Moreover, managers can also access data and make informed decisions regarding space allocation and future office planning.

Cost-effective process

Optimising office space usage is most effective with desk booking apps, such as Access-a-Seat. Managers and Team Leaders will have access to reports covering desk and parking spots usage and will easily determine efficient use of financial resources.

Team collaboration and easy networking

While remote work offers flexibility and freedom to choose your own workspace, it can sometimes hamper the collaboration between team members and minimise networking opportunities. Access-a-Seat is again a great asset in such cases, as it offers employees the option to see who is in the office and where are their favorite colleagues placed, to collaborate more effectively in the office days.

Having a smooth hybrid work experience is all about preparing and implementing a good process within the organization. If you need help or are interested in trying out the Access-a-Seat booking software, book a free demo with the team.


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