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What is Desk-Sharing and How Do You Implement It Within Your Workspace?

Updated: Jan 3

Desk sharing is a relatively new concept, implemented more within the workspace in the last few years. Also known as hot-desking, desk sharing is a workspace management strategy that enables organisations to maximise office space utilisation, promote flexibility, and reduce costs.


In this article, we will explore what desk sharing is and provide insights on how to effectively implement it withing your workspace.

What is desk-sharing?

The concept is known as desk-sharing, and it allows employees to use any available workstations within the office to enjoy the flexibility of today’s office culture. The concept is widely used by big or smaller businesses to improve collaboration within teams, promote productivity, and reduce costs. Through software such as Access-a-Seat, employees can pick and choose their favourite working spot without a hassle.

How to transition to desk-sharing in your organisation

1. Evaluate your workspace

To maximise the usage of your business’ floor or building, firstly, you’ll need to assess the space needs by evaluating the workforce. Consider the number of employees, as well as their way of working and the type of work they do. If the team needs to gather constantly to network or collaborate more effectively, then desk-sharing is for you.

2. Invest in desk booking software

Secondly, invest in easy desk booking software, such as Access-a-Seat. It allows your employees to book a hot desk in advance without involving spreadsheets or input from the HR team. This tool will streamline the transition to a hot desk system and help your team work together more effectively, be more productive, and stay cost-efficient.

3. Accommodate different types of working areas

To continue your transition to the desk-sharing system you’ll need to redesign the workspace and accommodate different working areas. It would be beneficial for your employees to access focus areas, which should be individual spaces that your team can book when they need a quiet space, as well as collaboration spaces where the team can gather and brainstorm ideas.

4. Train your team and monitor progress

For your team to fully embrace the change and enjoy the desk-sharing system, encourage them to personalise the workspace, promote regular communication, and be open to adjusting when needed.

It's essential for the entire team to feel included, which is why training and onboarding sessions focused on sharing the benefits of the system are necessary. Ensure the employees are well-informed about how to use the desk booking software and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your new strategy for both your team’s productivity and your costs.

Transition easily to a shared workspace and book a free demo with the Access-a-Seat team to learn more about desk-sharing and how it can help you grow as a business by keeping your employees connected.


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