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Workspace security: a Deep Dive into Access-a-Seat’s Security Measures

Digital solutions are transforming the way we work in the office and desk booking softwares such as Access-a-Seat have become indispensable tools for managing the workspace efficiently. As the flexible work environment is the new normal for most companies, ensuring the safety of users using our booking software is a top priority.

This article explores the importance of safety features in hoteling softwares such as Access-a-Seat.


Azure AD Integration

Access-a-Seat is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud with a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. This specific integration can bring numerous benefits to end users, as it not only guarantees data protection but it also keeps personal information safe.

Azure offers robust security; therefore, our software benefits from advanced measures such as identity and access management, encryption, and thread detection.

ADFS Authentication

The Active Directory Federation Services or ADFS Authentication is an identity access solution that facilitates secure and seamless single sign-on experiences. ADFS plays an important role in keeping our software's authentication process secure and guarantees safe usage for all our end users.

The ADFS authentication is a powerful solution that brings the advantages of SSO, enhanced security, interoperability, efficient user management, and compliance to softwares such as Access-a-Seat. By implementing ADFS in our software we can significantly improve the employee experience while maintaining high security and safety measures for employers.

GDPR Compliant

Ensuring GDPR compliance for Access-a-Seat is highly important in today’s data-driven landscape where user privacy and data protection are top priorities. The General Data Protection Regulation is a comprehensive framework that safeguards users’ personal data.

For Access-a-Seat, GDPR compliance holds particular significance in the context of User Privacy Protection. GDPR compliance ensures that employees’ personal data such as names, contact details, and workspace preferences are handled with the utmost respect for user privacy, establishing trust between all included parties. The measures proposed by GDPR compliance ensure the security of the data processed and protect end users from data breaches. It also helps in creating a privacy-conscious culture within the organisation, which is mandatory to have in a successful business.

The highly secure measures implemented for the Access-a-Seat software are not about avoiding legal consequences, but more about building trust between end users, respecting their privacy and adopting responsible practices that allow great collaboration.

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