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Frequently Asked Questions

All Access-a-Seat questions answered

  • What is desk-sharing or hot desking?
    Hot-desking is an organizational workspace system in which any employee can book any of the available desks or rooms for a specific period of time. The aim is to maximize space efficiency and lower real estate risks by reducing redundant office space.
  • What is a desk booking software?
    A desk booking app is a software application that allows users to reserve and manage desk spaces in a shared office environment. It provides a convenient and efficient way for employees to find and book available desks based on their preferences and needs.
  • What is Access-a-Seat?
    Access-a-Seat is a workspace management solution that facilitates the optimization of the office workspace, particularly in an environment where organizations are facing discrepancies between the number of employees and available workstations. Apart from desk booking, Access-a-Seat also provides organizations with the ability to better manage their parking spaces.
  • How do I book a free demo?
    Very simple. By clicking here and choosing a convenient slot where you can discuss further with our team about Access-a-Seat.
  • What languages are supported?
    We are currently supporting English and German.
  • Are there any specific system requirements?
    There are no specific requirements. Access-a-Seat works on almost all devices and doesn’t require any special hardware/servers on site. The only requirements are a web browser and internet connection.
  • What kind of floor plan can I upload in Access-a-Seat?
    You can upload any floor plan directly through the app, as long as it fits the size and format criteria of 1320x700 px and .png.
  • Can I use Access-a-Seat to book my parking space?
    Absolutely. From the booking user’s standpoint, the flow is the exact same as when booking a desk.
  • I would like to integrate Access-a-Seat with my Outlook calendar. Is this possible?
    Each booking confirmation email contains a .ics invite which you can add to your calendar manually.
  • Am I limited to a certain number of users?
    There is no user limit. You can choose how many users to sync from your active directory.
  • Can I see who is in the office and which spots they booked?
    Yes, this is possible. You just need to click on the floor of the building where you would like to book your desk and type down your colleague's name in the search bar. You will be able to see which one of your colleagues has booked a desk and where.
  • As an admin, can I assign permanent desks?
    Yes. As an Admin or Editor you can assign a seat to a particular employee. Once the seat is assigned, the employee can use the auto booking option, which will automatically book and check-in the seat for the next day. With the auto booking option enabled, the employee does not have to open the app every day.
  • As an Admin, can I assign a group of employees to a specific area on the floor?
    Yes, this is possible. As an Admin/Editor, you can create groups and assign specific areas for your team. (e.g. IT Team, Marketing Team)
  • Do I need any 2D space planning software to create my floor plans?
    No, no integration with specialised software such as Autocad is needed for Admins or Editors to be able to create their floor plans.
  • Can I check if the desk that I’m about to book offers any special amenities?
    Yes, as a booking user you can filter the search results based on attributes.
  • Can I add equipment to my individual workspaces?
    As an Admin/Editor you are able to define which features or equipment are assigned to a desk.
  • How do I start creating my bookable environment?
    First in Resources menu->start by adding building->add floor, seats->check if seats have a booking status:hot desks/assigned To do this, you will start in the “Resources” menu by adding a building. Afterwards you will add the floors and seats. As the last step, you will have to check if the seats have a booking status. These can either be hot desks or seats assigned to a particular employee.
  • Does Access-a-Seat offer any exporting functionality?
    As an Admin, Manager or Editor you can export a .csv file of all the employees and their assigned assets.
  • Where is Access-a-Seat hosted?
    Access-a-Seat is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, with the data-center located in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Which are the steps Access-a-Seat took in order to provide a higher level of security?
    Each client has their own VM and instance of the application including separate DB. Each instance is scanned periodically with OWASP in order to detect and mitigate security issues of the web-application. Each VM OS and dependencies are updated once a month. Update process is monitored by infrastructure team in Accesa.
  • How is the user integration completed?
    Access a seat uses OAuth standard protocol for authorization. Access-a-Seat does not have its own authorization system, but relays on client infrastructure in order to authenticate the users that have access to the application. Any client infrastructure that follows the OAuth standard can be integrated with the application. So far Access-a-Seat has been integrated with: Azure Active Directory  Custom identity provider AD-FS (Active Directory Federation Services)  The Access-s-Seat software works with user roles that define what section or functionalities are available for each type of users. User roles are cumulative.  Currently we have the following user roles: USER, MANAGER, EDITOR, ADMIN.   The Access-a-Seat software stores minimum information about users that have access to the application. Minimum set of information required is name and email. Clients can extend data that is stored in Access-a-Seat on demand (e.g. user department, manager info, contact info etc.)
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