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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 01-Nov-2023

At ACCESS A SEAT, we're proud to introduce our Hot desk Booking Application, designed with your employees in mind, prioritizing data privacy and security. Our goal is to empower your employees, making it easy for them to match their schedules to the office spaces they need, all while giving you full control over the process of locating, booking, and monitoring office space usage.

ACCESA ("we," "us," or "our") is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal data, as well as your rights and freedoms of data subjects, according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The core principles of personal data processing: lawfulness, transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, storage limitation, confidentiality, integrity, and accountability, underlie our business activities.


Why Your Privacy Matters to Us

We value your privacy and want you to feel confident when using our application. This Privacy Policy is here to help you understand how we collect, use, and protect your data.


Data Controller

We are ACCESA IT SYSTEMS, a leading tech company that fosters an environment where our teams and partners thrive and have an impact in the community. We provide a various range of services for our clients like Cloud Solutions, Process Automation Platforms & AI Custom Software Development Operations & Support.

Contact Details

Visiting Address: Constanta 12, Platinia Office, 400158 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Phone: +47 22 83 39 50



Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or our data practices, please contact us to

This chapter pertains to all email exchanges with us.


  1. What Information Do We Collect and How?

  2. Why We Use Your Information and How We Do It Legally?

  3. Third-Party Services and Tools

  4. How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

  5. Automated Decision and Profiling


  1. What Information Do We Collect and How?


We gather personal data to facilitate secure and efficient email exchanges. If you share data about others, you must confirm their consent.

We collect data through Direct Collection and include Personal Data you provide during email exchanges, including names, contact details, professional information, and email content.


What categories of data are processed?


Data processed during email exchanges may vary based on the interaction and shared information and may include the following categories of data:


Identification Information

Your name, contact details (like phone and mailing addresses), and any other personal information shared during email exchanges, like employee IDs, and usernames.

Professional Information

Job titles, company names, industry affiliations, professional qualifications, and business contact information.

Communication Data

The content of emails exchanged, including text, attachments, documents, images, and any other information shared during our correspondence.

Communication Metadata Logs and IT Usage Data

To investigate and document incidents, check phishing emails, and maintain security, we may collect logs and other IT usage data related to email communications. This data may include timestamps, email addresses, and subject lines related to our email communications, server logs, IP addresses, device information, email delivery logs, metadata related to email exchanges, and information for security monitoring and incident response.

Financial and Transaction Data (if relevant)

Billing information, financial transaction records, payment details, bank account and invoices related to professional agreements, order histories, and details of products or services discussed during email exchanges.

Other necessary data

Depending on your interactions, we might process additional personal data, such as information related to our professional agreements, project details, event information, or contractual terms and any other data relevant to our professional relationship.


Providing Personal Data for Email Communication

Usually, you initiate email communication, providing data voluntarily. While not obligatory, omitting certain data may affect communication effectiveness and our ability to assist. We handle data in compliance with privacy laws.


Why We Use Your Information and How We Do It Legally?


We use your data during email exchanges for various purposes, outlined with legal bases and data categories:



Details on the Purpose

Legal Base

Email Communication

To facilitate email communication and correspondence between you and our company.

To communicate with you efficiently and effectively through email for business-related matters.

Contract execution

Steps to enter a contract.

Legitimate interest

Regulatory Compliance

To comply with legal obligations, including record-keeping, regulatory requirements, and responding to legal requests.

Legal obligation

Responding to Inquiries

To respond to inquiries, questions, or requests made via email.

Contract execution

Steps to enter a contract.

Legitimate interest

Newsletters and Updates

To send newsletters, updates, or promotional materials related to our services or products.


Customizing User Experiences

To personalize and improve your user experience based on your email interactions.

Legitimate interest

Research and Development Business Analytics and Reporting

We use aggregated data for business analytics, reporting, and performance assessment, for research and development purposes to enhance our services and activity and to monitor our business operations.

Legitimate interests

Fraud Prevention, Incident Investigation, Security Monitoring

We may process email, IT usage data and logs to prevent fraud and investigate/document incidents, unauthorized access, phishing, and security breaches.

Legal obligations

Legitimate interest

Dispute Resolution

To facilitate resolution, investigations, or legal proceedings in the event of disputes arising from our cooperation.

To establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights.

Legitimate interest

Complaints Resolution, Data Subjects Requests

To address and resolve complaints or concerns raised by you or third parties regarding our services, processes, or treatment of personal data and to respond to data subjects’ requests.

To document and respond complaints and data subjects’ requests, and/or

To establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights.

Legal obligations

Legitimate interest

Improving Services, Business Development

To monitor the quality of our services, identify areas for improvement, enhance the overall user experience, identify potential business opportunities, collaborations, or partnerships.

Legitimate interest

Internal/External Audit

Compliance Monitoring

To conduct internal and external audits and ongoing compliance monitoring to ensure that our organization adheres to regulatory requirements, policies, and internal standards.

Legal Obligation and/or

Legitimate Interests

Risk Management and Control Activities

To assess, manage, and control risks related to data security, privacy, and compliance.

Ensuring proper risk management, sustainability, and compliance of our operations.

Legitimate Interest


Please note that the specific purposes and legal bases for processing may vary depending on the circumstances and your interactions with us. We process data fairly and lawfully, respecting your privacy rights.


Third-Party Services and Tools


We may utilize various third-party tools and services to optimize our email exchange process, ensuring efficient communication and security. These tools may have access to email content or metadata to provide their services. We carefully select and work with trusted third-party providers who comply with data protection standards and confidentiality requirements.


How Long Do We Keep Your Data?


We retain data for email communication, mainly up to 3 years after email exchange completion for legal and dispute resolution purposes. Retention periods may vary based on the specific purposes and regulations. We comply with legal obligations and prioritize data security. You have rights over your data; details in "Your Rights" section.

Automated Decision and Profiling


Our primary focus is on data collection for email communication, security, and analytics, and we do not engage in any automated decision-making processes that could impact your rights and freedoms.

Profiling may occur for Security Risk Profiling to safeguard email exchange security. We process data to identify potential security threats, ensuring email communication safety. Profiling adheres to data protection laws, and you can object to it.

The processing helps us proactively respond to security incidents, investigate security breaches, and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of email communications.

The logic is to provide a safer, more transparent, and efficient environment to engage in professional relationships. The significance lies in improved security. The envisaged consequences are generally positive and aim to enhance the overall experience and outcomes for our communication.

If you have any concerns or questions about automated decision-making or profiling in our company, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details provided in the "Contact Us" section of this Privacy Policy.

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