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All-in-one hot desk and parking booking. Easy. Fast. Secure.

Seamless, fast and secure transition to the hybrid working model with a focus on the employee experience. 
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How it works
Employee Experience

Flexible seating for team collaboration

Keeping things simple is one of our main goals. We make booking your preferred seat, a parking spot or finding a colleague in the office as easy as possible.

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Access Control

Seamless access management 

Our software offers seamless office space management and easy access control solutions through personalised features. We ensure an optimised space utilisation and enhanced security protocol.

Workspace Management

Optimised space and costs effective measures

We assist office managers and facility staff in transitioning to hybrid work by simplifying floor plan management and streamlining building, floor or other office areas usage, including space assignments, while leveraging analytics to gather useful data on space usage.

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GDPR Compliance

Keeping your data safe

Our software is GDPR compliant, and you can configure the time period for which your data is stored. We store a minimum user information in the database, in order to ensure your data remains anonymous.

Safety & Security

Streamlined hybrid work policies​ 

We support a multi mandate system with Azure AD integration and ADFS authentication. 

As security is our top priority, we store your data safely in the EU (Frankfurt, Germany) and use certified solutions such as ISO27001 and PaloAlto enterprise grade firewall. 

Office Parking Booking

Office parking made easy

We're streamlining office parking reservations through personalised features and secure booking processes that users enjoy. Enjoy stress-free parking as you and your team will be able to pick a spot in advance, check-in early on and seamlessly park the car in busy office days.

Key features that make us stand out

Book your preferred seat. Filter by seat attributes, and get that window seat

Book your parking place and don’t waste time looking for a parking spot

Find colleagues and spend some quality time together

Mobile friendly.
Book your seat and check-in on the go

Easily import floor plans (PNG), customise and visualise them

Easily add buildings and floors for each office location

Manage hot desks, permanent seats and assign full seating for your entire team

See levels of occupancy and attendance reports.

What our customers say


Bogdan G

Facility Manager, Accesa

"Access-a-Seat was a great help in managing costs and keeping office space efficient. During the pandemic we had real time monitoring and trends, and the data enabled informed decisions of when to open another floor or building. It is now a great help in defining our plans to enable hybrid work."

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