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How to Streamline Office Parking Bookings with Access-a-Seat

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

The hassles of parking often stand as a frustrating barrier to a seamless mobility approach, especially on office days. Fortunately, innovative software like Access-a-Seat has revolutionised how office parking spaces are used.

By simplifying the process and enhancing accessibility, Access-a-Seat has become a game-changer for individuals seeking stress-free parking experiences.


The parking feature is easy and intuitive, as it helps the end-users book their favourite parking spot and helps managers keep track of space usage and utilise the resources accordingly.

A guide dedicated to the office parking booking feature

Conveniently pick the office parking spot available

Firstly, the parking feature is intuitive and shares real-time information about the parking situation. In the first step, the user will choose an available spot, click the car icon, and remember the parking number.

Make the reservation and check in

In the second step, the user will quickly make the reservation by picking the day and hours spent in the office. The check-in process will be completed a few hours before the arrival in the parking lot, and this extra step represents a double-check implemented that helps managers keep track of space usage, mainly when the parking spots are limited

Park seamlessly

The last step is self-explanatory and seamlessly ends the parking guide, as this is the moment when the user shows up at the office, enters the lot and uses the reserved spot.


Tips for optimal use of the office parking booking feature:

Plan: Book your parking spot well in advance to ensure availability, especially when you have essential visits or team meetings where you have to be in the office.

Check your email for booking confirmations: Sync your booking with your calendar to receive reminders regarding your booking, ensuring a smooth parking experience.

Explore your colleagues’ reviews: Gather user reviews to gain insights into the accurate placement of specific parking spots.

As technology evolves, booking software such as Access-a-Seat will likely expand, catering to a broader range of user preferences and needs. With this ongoing commitment to simplifying parking reservations, our innovations are poised to transform urban mobility, making it more efficient, convenient, and stress-free for everyone.

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