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What is an Office Parking Management Tool?

Parking management tools or office parking software are designed to assist businesses in optimising space usage and enhancing traffic flow through an efficient booking system. Such solutions are used to streamline various office parking operations, enhance employee experience and improve overall space efficiency. 

The tool makes it easier for employees and other end-users to access the lot, park seamlessly, and enjoy their time in the workspace without the stress of looking for a parking spot. A parking booking tool will keep the lot secure for employees, as it will only be accessible through the reservation system. 



Here are the key features of parking management tools: 

Smooth booking system 

A parking booking solution allows end-users to reserve a parking space, reducing parking uncertainty and ensuring a smooth experience for everyone. In cases of office parking bookings, employees will easily choose an available parking spot and make the booking well before coming into the office. This system reduces the time spent searching in traffic and improves overall productivity. 

Permanent access control 

For office parking management, office managers can control the entry and exit points of parking facilities, ensuring that only authorised vehicles enter the office parking lot. Through the advanced real-time system, office managers can observe the space availability, make changes to the floor plan, or simply note the space usage on day-to-day activities. The parking management solution focuses on safety and security, ensuring increased employee protection. 

Easy space monitoring  

The parking management tool monitors the office parking lot in real-time, through advanced technology such as automated license plate recognition (ALPR), a sensor-based parking guidance system, or a well-integrated check-in system. These technologies work together to accurately track vehicle movements or employee activity, identify available parking spaces, and enforce parking regulations. 



Our recommended parking booking solution: Access-a-Seat 

Access-a-Seat is the all-in-one booking solution that we recommend for any type of business, as it helps office managers optimise the space, costs and employee experience, making it easy and quick to book a favourite spot in advance. The application seamlessly integrates with legacy equipment, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation without the need for extensive upgrades or changes.  

Access-a-Seat is a software developed in-house by the Accesa team and has been available on the market for more than three years. 

Hit the button to book a free demo and learn how Access-a-Seat can help your team! 

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